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Cairnhill v Kerse Black

Friday night saw our boys tucked up early as we had a 9am kick off the following morning away from home.

We arrived one by one to be met by an odd surface, not astro, not grass, more like green felt, with sand - for football - with mouldies!

However, in beautiful golden winter light, the sun creeped over surrounding houses and sprawled onto the pitch. Kick Off!

A tough game to grasp, perhaps a little early for our boys, but try they did.

A close affair, but a sticky game, rather a wee bit, well, nip and tuck.

Balls were won, and lost. Chances were slim, some taken, some not. Heads held high, chins touching chests.

A large gathering of parents and carers from both sides saw what we came to see - our boys trying their best, and enjoying what they love - the beautiful game.

Please find below a selection of Images. Enjoy!


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